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Internet and Computers for the Local Schools

Internet and Computers for the Local Schools

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If you are wondering what you could bring to help the locals in Fiji. We are in need of used working windows or Mac laptops you no longer need and are happy to donate, to build class rooms of computers for the local schools. We will be providing solar panels and batteries to operate a classroom of PCs and also Internet for the school using Starlink Internet Services. We will be doing this throuhout the Yasawas as part of our giving back to the community. If you have an not too old laptop which is in working condition that you are happy to donate please bring it to Fiji when you come and give it to the Resort Manager. We are hoping to collect 35 laptops for each classroon in each school and we will provide power, internet, printers and printing resources on an ongoing basis.

If you are unable to bring a laptop or are just interested in supporting this ongoing program you can donate a few dollars here at the gofundme page for this program.


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