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What time does the boat leave from the Marina and how frequently?

  • The Yasawa Flyer Ferry leaves the Mainland from Port Denarau once daily at 8.45am to make its way north through the islands, arriving at Paradise Cove Resort at 11.45am. This service is operated by Awesome Adventures but we can book this for you.

What time does the boat arrive back to the port each day?

  • The Yasawa Flyer departs the resort at 3pm, and arrives at the Mainland at approx. 5.45pm daily.

Are there other transport options available to the Resort?

  • Pacific Island Air operates seaplanes  from the Nadi domestic terminal to the resort. Please note per seat rates often require a air taxi situation whereby other passengers are to disembark from the same flight - this arrangement is out of our hands and controlled via the carrier.
  • Island Hoppers operate helicopters to and from the outer islands daily from either Nadi airport or Denarau depending on your pre and post itinerary. 

How often do the seaplane and helicopters run and can you book this for us?

  • The seaplane and helicopters are subject to a two-seat minimum,  flights are based on avalibilty, we can assist here with your booking to co-ordinate your flights. You have the choice of booking your own private charter or taking a more economical option of a per seat rate when they have availability. But we can confirm that this is a fantastic way to view the stunning coral reef systems that hug the Yasawa islands – so take your camera!

Paradise Cove to Blue Lagoon:

Departs 11.45am arriving at Blue Lagoon at approximately 12.45pm in time for lunch. This can be arranged for you upon check out from Paradise Cove Resort.


Dietary Requirements – I am Gluten-Free – can you cater for me?

  • Absolutely, we are very fortunate to have expertly trained chefs who are very familiar with different dietary needs and will personalise a menu to suit your requirements, from fresh-baked Gluten-free bread, muffins and cakes, to gluten-free pasta dishes and evening meals – you will love the selection.

I am vegetarian – am I assured of plenty of options?

  • Yes, we not only purchase only the freshest and best produce that we can find, but we have carefully put a team together who are committed to preparing and offering a unique and diverse range of meals for vegetarians.

What does the Meal Plan cost and what is included?

  • The meal plans are from NZD$153 per person per day for Adults and NZD$90 per child per day. This includes your first meal which is an a la carte lunch, followed by your evening meal and then of course breakfast the following morning. (Rates subject to change)

Are snacks available in between meals?

  • There is a snack menu at the bar that provides in between fillers like Fruit platters, toasted sandwiches, chocolate bars, chips, ice-cream cones etc. These are charged at an extra rate onto your room account, and if you decide to bring your own snacks to get you through – we just suggest an airtight container as then you will not be inviting any unwanted visitors into your room to check out what you have!

Do any activities mean that you miss out on lunch?

  • No, we have carefully planned all of the activities to make sure that you are back in time for lunch or you leave shortly afterward.


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