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A Fusion of Fijian and Japanese

A fusion of local Fijian ingredients, with Japanese technique, and ingredients, to create a truly unique Omakase evening dining experience, with tables and seats around our open air Japanese kitchen in the Cove.

Omakase is a chefs choice small plate dinner menu, which consistis of 18 - 20 small plates, and bites based on what is in season, and the fresh fish and other proteins available to us on any given day.

Enjoy our intimate outdoor dining room, around the open kitchen. Watch the chefs prepare your tasting menu, as you enjoy the company of good friends, and our wide selection of Japanese Beers and Sake. 

The menu includes, soups, salads, sashimi, nigiri, hand rolls, tempura, yakatori, noodles, fijian inspired dishes, and many other unique japanese menu items.

The menu is in general gluten free, however we cannot accomodate any other food alllergies.

Opening in July 2022. We will begin taking reservations in mid June. 

Seating is very limited, so we do suggest you book well in advance to secure your table.

There is a supplementary cost per person to dine @ Donu which is $149 FJD per person.


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