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Caring for the Environment

Located on a private island, Paradise Cove Resort is committed to responsible tourism that provides quality and luxury to our guests, while at the same time conserving the environment, improving the well being of the local people, and protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future.

To this end, Paradise Cove is committed to:

  • Promote Fiji through preservation of local natural environment
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Use of Energy saving bulbs
  • Water served in glass pitchers to conserve plastic bottle use
  • Food and garden waste composted, and also fed to local pigs
  • Source local and organic goods as much as possible
  • Grow many fruits and herbs on the island
  • Support local businesses and the local community
  • Reduce/manage waste effectively
  • Monitor and reduce use of non-renewal resources
  • Train staff on our environmental policies
  • Encourage our guests to support our environmental and community efforts
  • Maintain and constantly assess our sustainable management programs

In addition, all our employees strive to contribute to the overall sustainability by utilizing bottle recycling bins and reducing energy and water usage. We aim to purchase local products, to reduce the global shipping distances for goods and services provided at the resort.